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18September 2023

International Real Estate exhibition in Moscow

Moscow International Property Show

The Moscow International Property Show is a traditional event, which for more than 20 years brings together leading experts of real estate from around the world so that they can share with each other the knowledge, observation and experience, as well as to offer their proposals to the public. Twice a year the Moscow exhibition center "Tishinka" turns into an exchange of foreign real estate, where you can purchase any object in any part of the globe.

28Oсtober 2021

International Real Estate Portal, the overseas real estate portal is introducing a unique offer for the developers and agencies abroad – now we can keep online any of your property offers free of charge.


You can fill in the details manually or export the catalogue through the  XML feed  to Test the quality of the visitors’ requests and the demand for your portfolio  while  receiving the direct requests to your email address. You can buy those requests that you find targeted and get the contact details to cooperate with the buyer – paying 15 euro only!  So you can choose which requests you need and do not pay anything for being online or for those requests that you do not need.


As soon as you register with (the registration is free) you will also have an opportunity to read and buy general unique requests from the portal’s visitors and make deals!

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